Understanding Resistance And How To Move Past It!

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Join Dr. Elona Sanders in this Master Class as she guides you through what it takes to understand Resistance and how to move past it.

Included in this package:  MP3 Downloadable Message To Your Listening Device Along With A Complete 14- Page Transcript

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Shirece Parnell Shirece Parnell

Prior to me being coached by Dr. Elona I was feeling locked up on the inside I knew I had much in me, but how to release it seemed like a mystery. My first session was far beyond my imagination I experience an awareness that I had never experienced before. I am so excited about the next step in this journey especially now that I am fully aware of what’s in me.

Thanks Dr. Elona

Tish Bell Tish Bell

I had many serious issues in my life such as depression, rejection, and fears of all kind. Since I have been participating in the Early Morning Empowerment Gatherings, I have made some important changes in my life. I am so grateful to God for allowing me to experience this powerful journey!

Thank You Dr. E.