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Join me in the Empowerment Inner Circle and I will show you how to get clear, confident, and awaken your Divine Purpose.  You will be inspired to take divinely aligned action that will help you move forward and fulfill destiny!

The Empowerment Inner Circle is an extension of Early Morning Empowerment, a virtual gathering held the first Monday of each month at 6:00 A.M. (Eastern). The Early Morning Empowerment gathering is comprised of an elite group of men and women of faith who are called to lead and ready to take the business of success seriously. 

You will also have access to the powerful Sunday morning Global Empowerment Gatherings!

To My Friends Suffering in Silent Frustration...


I’ve been in ministry for more than 30 years and I have been blessed to minister to thousands of people just like you--who are alone and suffering in silent frustration. Trust me when I tell you I have seen every level of frustration imaginable and have experienced some of the same myself while trying to move forward and fulfill destiny. I know what it’s like to give it all you’ve got only to make little to no progress. To be fully engaged in one moment and totally distracted in the next.

If you are ready to move forward, I want to extend an invitation to you to join a community of like-minded believers of like-precious faith…


  • You are tired of going through the motions of being blessed but you are not really experiencing “THE BLESSING”!
  • You are ready to answer your call, GET CLEAR on your purpose and get started on a true path to fulfilling your destiny.
  • You are ready to fully dive in and discover who you are--The real you and, you are ready to CELEBRATE AND EMBRACE your uniqueness.
  • You are ready to take 100% RESPONSIBILITY for your Spiritual Success™, learning how to create the inner foundation needed to support outer manifestation.
  • You are ready to play full on and learn how to become FULLY ENGAGED in your life/business/ministry.
  • You are open to receiving a new way of being in life/business/ministry that will support you in being PURPOSEFUL, POWERFUL, AND PROFITABLE.
  • You value receiving training from a genuine, God-appointed mentor/coach who is fully dedicated to guiding you to reach your full potential.
  • You are really excited about being surrounded by a community of like-minded believers of like precious faith. Knowing that you are with people that “get you” and are on the same page with you.
  • You welcome the opportunity to be in a sacred space of non-judgment and criticism where you are encouraged to be all you were created to be and “DO YOU!”


Yes... I'm Ready!


  • Want to continue to look outside yourself to cast blame for appears to be lacking in your life.
  • Are not ready to forgive and be healed from “WOUNDS OF THE PAST”!
  • Won’t take 100% responsibility for your Spiritual Success™.
  • Want to stay in the same old cycle of sabotage by being overwhelmed, hiding, and/or being stuck.
  • Refuse to release an OLD MINDSET of lack, limitation, scarcity, and stagnation.
  • Don’t value the sacred circle of insight and guidance from a group of like-minded leaders of like-precious faith.
  • Constantly use the “LEADING OF THE SPIRIT” as an excuse for not moving forward and staying stuck.
  • Want the mentor/coach to do the work for you. Insisting on constant personal attention but never implement or take action.
  • Love being a part of something but never do your part. You want to be convinced, sold, guaranteed but not take responsibility.
  • Go into “MONEY DRAMA” and freak out at the thought of investing in yourself.




Yes... I'm Ready!

Joining The Empowerment Inner Circle Will Give You Exclusive Access To: 

  • Early Morning Empowerment Calls

    You will have immediate access to all the 2018 Early Morning Empowerment Messages. You will also have exclusive access to the Early Morning Empowerment Vault. Stored in this archive is the very best of previous EME Messages.  You will also be able to download message to take with you on-the-go!

  • Bonus Training Materials

    Also included several are Bonuses.  Audio Action Guides, Prophetic Activation Videos, and so much more all designed to enhance your results.  Information without implementation won’t yield any tangible or lasting results.  You will want to work along with Dr. Elona to achieve maximum benefit.

  • Global Empowerment Gatherings

    Can’t make it to church on Sundays?  Join Dr. E. in the Global Empowerment Community as she discusses powerful cutting-edge messages each and every week.  You now have access to all replays.



The Empowerment Inner Circle is an extension of Early Morning Empowerment which is a virtual gathering that meets the first Monday of every month. Twice a year we meet for 5 consecutive days of Early Morning Empowerment.  

We are Kicking-Off 2018 With a very special 21- Day Prophetic Gathering

  • You will have a private circle of like-minded believers in our group Facebook community that is closed to the public. (Invaluable)
  • Access to all 2018 EME recordings ($47.00 Value per recording)
  • Carefully designed Action Sheets to give you, even more, insight, guidance, and tools to activate and jump-start your success. ($197.00 Value)
  • Exclusive access to other hand-picked archived calls from previous Early Morning Empowerment Calls. ($47.00 Value per recording) 
  • Declarations, decrees, affirmations and special prayers all designed to empower you and move you forward in purpose. ($197.00)
  • Total Value More than $2,000.00



Yes... I'm Ready!

Check Out What Other People Are Saying About Training With Dr. Elona Sanders!

It was refreshing to connect with energetic believers early in the morning and receive instruction from this dynamic woman of God. Dr. E. released such vital and life changing information that invoked us to think outside of the box and take authority over our destiny.

Tish Bell
Tish Bell Fearless Academy

I had many serious issues in my life such as depression, rejection, and fears of all kind. Since I have been participating in the Early Morning Empowerment Gatherings, I have made some important changes in my life. I am so grateful to God for allowing me to experience this powerful journey!

Margo Hogan
Margo Hogan Buds of Promise Learning and Development

The Early Morning Empowerment calls have completely changed the way I have been thinking.  I learned that I could control my thoughts and not let negative thoughts control me and destroy my day.  I learned that every day I can control what I am thinking and I began to create new thought patterns of blessing and prosperity.

Darlene Gray
Darlene Gray Total Life Changes
Yes... I'm Ready For More!