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Prophetic Empowerment Activation Video!

In this powerful Empowerment Activation Video, you will  learn how to shift your perception and tap into your CREATIVE POWER!  In less than 10 minutes you will be given Spiritual Success Tools that will allow you to Purposefully and Intentionally gain the CLARITY AND THE FOCUS  you need to start re-creating your life!


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Included In This Master Class Package: 

  • Tapping Into Creative Power

    In this timely Empowerment Activation Video you will receive powerful and insightful information that will undoubtedly raise your consciousness to another level of understanding.  You can only manifest at your level of conscious awareness!

  • Video Action Guide

    Also included is an Video Action Guide designed to enhance your results.  Information without implementation won’t yield any tangible or lasting results.  You will want to work along with Dr. Elona to achieve maximum benefit.

Check Out What Other People Are Saying About Training With Dr. Elona Sanders!

It was refreshing to connect with energetic believers early in the morning and receive instruction from this dynamic woman of God. Dr. E. released such vital and life changing information that invoked us to think outside of the box and take authority over our destiny.

Tish Bell
Tish Bell Fearless Academy

I had many serious issues in my life such as depression, rejection, and fears of all kind. Since I have been participating in the Early Morning Empowerment Gatherings, I have made some important changes in my life. I am so grateful to God for allowing me to experience this powerful journey!

Margo Hogan
Margo Hogan Buds of Promise Learning and Development

The Early Morning Empowerment calls have completely changed the way I have been thinking.  I learned that I could control my thoughts and not let negative thoughts control me and destroy my day.  I learned that every day I can control what I am thinking and I began to create new thought patterns of blessing and prosperity.

Darlene Gray
Darlene Gray Total Life Changes

The message I heard today was so encouraging and so EMPOWERING!!! You talked about destiny killers - things that sabotage your destiny like indecisiveness, inertia - which were really the two things that hit home with me. But what was so great is that you gave us strategies to pull ourselves out of those places. Thank you so much Dr. E.

Jennifer Ferguson
Jennifer Ferguson Self-Employed
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Your complete Video Package will be available for download.